Monthly Round-Up



Well, that was a quick month …

I’m missing the hot sun! After so many weeks spent sitting outdoors to read, it’s a real shock to not only be indoors but have to don a cardigan and even light the fire of an evening. Hopefully, we haven’t seen the last of the great warm weather – even in Scotland!

Not as many books read this month as I had a two week break – well, not entirely. I read all the time so still managed to work my way through one or two in the last two weeks. However seventeen in total is not too shabby but no matter how many or how few, picking one outstanding read doesn’t get any simpler.

This month I have chosen ‘No Time To Cry’, a crime thriller by James Oswald and first in a new series. A stunning read, and one I enjoyed very much. James is the author of the Inspector McLean mystery series, now added to my wish-list – although quite when I’ll fit them in is a whole other story!

Happy Reading!








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