Shadows In Heaven

Written by Nadine Dorries


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Book Description


In post-war Tarabeg, two women are waiting for ambitious Michael Malone to return home. Rosie is the local schoolteacher and most people think she is promised to him. Just a few have guessed that he has secretly begun to woo Sarah, whose brutal fisherman father would kill her if he knew.

Both Rosie and Sarah love Michael, both hope to become his wife and their lives will interweave in a tale of tangled secrets, old promises and new feuds. Michael Malone’s choice will have fateful consequences for everyone – especially, in due course, for his young daughter.

This is the first in a new sequence of novels with a brilliant cast of characters and a story that will lead to Liverpool in Mary Kate and back to Ireland in The Seven Acres.


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Author Bio


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I was raised in a working class family in Liverpool and began my nurse training when I was eighteen years old. It was the only pathway open to me out from the concrete housing estate and poor background I desperately wanted to escape.

I am very lucky to still be in contact with the nurses I began training with all those years ago. Those who enjoyed The Four Streets trilogy should equally enjoy the Lovely Lane series.

Lovely Lane is a real place in Warrington. The books combine and knit together my memories of Warrington Hospital, Lovely Lane. Bewsey Road Nurses Home, where I lived and laughed and most importantly, survived and the hospitals across Liverpool where I worked.

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