Monthly Round-Up


What gorgeous weather we’re having! Practically unknown for Scotland to be this hot – and I’m loving it!

I started out the month with the feeling that I had over-committed myself to the amount of reviews promised, and upped my reading accordingly. Thing is, I didn’t seem to be able to cut it down again, so it’s been a bumper month with a total of thirty-one (yes, shocked me too) books read and reviewed. Did that make it easier to pick one as my book of the month? No, no and NO!

With a great selection of genres and writing styles, some really puzzling books and some I just wallowed in, I finally whittled it down to this one:


22. DSI


I’ve been a fan of this author for some time; his Dan Roy series is packed with excitement and thrills! The last couple of novels have ventured into new areas and Don’t Say It is extremely well plotted and an absolutely gripping read – hence my choice.

My grateful thanks to all authors, publishers and their representatives for continuing to keep in touch and offer me the most wonderful array of forthcoming novels to preview .. I consider myself one very lucky lady! And of course, without those who follow this blog I would be in a dark corner muttering to myself, so your support is much appreciated!

Next month I’m having a blog break for two weeks – although I’ll be around, so don’t be suprised if the odd post slips through. Let’s hope his weather continues and July provides lots of book time. Thank you for taking time to join me in my end of month round-up!

Happy Reading!




June 2018 MRU.png



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