Mulberry Lane Babies

Written by Rosie Clarke


941 Mulberry Lane, London. War rages but new life brings new hope. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp.

Times are hard for all on Mulberry Lane as the war rages into yet another year.

Desperate times push people into dangerous situations, and the residents of Mulberry Lane are not exempt.

Menacing shadows lurk on dark street corners, threatening the safety of those who are alone and vulnerable.

When Peggy’s twins are born early Maureen and Nellie are there to lend a helping hand.

The mothers of Mulberry Lane stick together despite the grim conditions of war torn London and a shadowy fear that stalks their lives.

Neighbours and friends look out for each other and new life brings hope and joy to the Lane.





Superb Read – Packed With Details!   5 stars


The third book in the Mulberry Lane series not only advances the story of domestic life during WWII, it is a fabulous addition to this series.

It’s lovely to return to the Pig & Whistle and be back in the lives of Peggy and all her friends. Whilst the focus is very much on new arrivals, not everyone in the vicinity is working to keep things together whilst the war rages on; there are some bad people about and more than one of them raises their ugly head in the lanes this time round. Can the community pull together and get through? Only one way to find out!

This is, as I had expected, a terrific read. Picking up from where book two left off, we find ourselves once again fascinated by the tenacity of women during WWII to get on and make the best of things. With Peggy pregnant, all those around her pull together to help where and when they can. Maureen, also pregnant, has a fair bit to deal with too, what with her father’s illness, his new wife’s hostility towards her, looking after her step-daughter whilst her husband fights at the front and, as always, overseeing things at her father’s shop. Life is very busy and there’s never a dull moment. So much going on! This really is a packed – and completely enjoyable – novel. No less than five stars for such superb writing!

My thanks to publishers Aria for approving my request via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: family saga, friendship, WWII


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 1438 KB
  • Print Length: 418 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 1 June 2018
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Meet the Author


Rosie ClarkeI currently write as Rosie Clarke for Aria ( a companion publisher to Head of Zeus). I have written many other novels under various names. As Rosie Clarke I wrote the very successful Downstairs Maid and the Emma trilogy. As my readers know four new books have been published.

Lizzie’s Secret was published on 1st April and Lizzie’s War followed on 1st September 2016. Both books were best sellers at amazon and other e-book outlets. Lizzie’s Daughters was published 1st May 2017. Now the first two books are being published in hardback and paperback. Lizzie’s Secret is in mass market PB in July 2017. Also Jessie’s Promise is selling well at amazon and other outlets in e-book.

A lovely new series begins on 1st August 2017 The Girls of Mulberry Lane. There will be at least four in the series and if readers love the series perhaps more. Do let us know with reviews and tweets.

Writing is my pleasure and my passion. Happily married, I enjoy life and like to write about the joys and the sorrows and give my readers fast pacey reads that grip them from start to finish.

I would also like to thank my many readers for the lovely reviews they’ve given my books on amazon.


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