Summer of Love

Written by Caro Fraser


The dark days of the war are over, but the family secrets they held are only just dawning.

In the hot summer of 1949, a group of family and friends gather at Harry Denholm’s country house in Kent. Meg and Dan Ranscombe, emerging from a scandal of their own making; Dan’s godmother, Sonia; and her two young girls, Laura and Avril, only one of whom is Sonia’s biological daughter. Amongst the heat, memories, and infatuations, a secret is revealed to Meg’s son, Max, and soon a terrible tragedy unfolds that will have consequences for them all.

Afterwards, Avril, Laura and Max must come of age in a society still reeling from the war, haunted by the choices of that fateful summer. Cold, entitled Avril will go to any lengths to take what is hers. Beautiful, naive Laura finds refuge and love in the London jazz clubs, but Max, with wealth and unrequited love, has the capacity to undo it all.




Delightful, Entertaining Read!  4 stars


I’m rather fond of books set in the post-war period – perhaps because it’s a time I haven’t lived through, and this lived up to my expectations. It’s a very appealing read.

Harking back to different days, this is a novel which takes us through the transition in society from the post-war formal times with household staff to the swinging sixties. Covering several summers, we follow Laura, Averil, and Max from childhood through to full adulthood, but this is more than a coming-of-age story. It’s the tale of family and friends entwined and entangled, with love, lust, desire, secrets, lies and hate all rearing their ugly heads from time to time.

Time passes quickly in this book; it’s a character led tale. The individuals are all from privileged backgrounds at a time when changes meant that young women were no longer expected to just find a way to spend their time until a suitable (wealthy) young man snapped them up for marriage. It’s a charming and delightful portrayal of the time in which it is set, as well as being a very engaging read. There is a good mix of characters and a few eye-opening events which certainly gave me food for thought.

If you enjoy a good post-war family saga, this is a read I would recommend. It is true to the period, and the story heads in several unexpected directions.

My thanks to publishers Head of Zeus for approving my request on NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: post-war family saga, relationships



  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 1450 KB
  • Print Length: 512 pages
  • Publisher: Head of Zeus
  • Publication Date: 31 May 2018
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Meet the Author



Caro Fraser is the author of the bestselling

Caper Court novels, based on her own experiences

as a lawyer. She is the daughter of Flashman author

George MacDonald Fraser and lives in London.






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