Monthly Round-Up


What a difference a month makes! It’s been glorious inDSC_0024 my wee corner of Scotland, especially over the last two weeks. My days have been spent reading in my wonderful gazebo – last year’s addition to our garden – in the company of our two labs. Heaven!!

Book-wise, it’s been a very exciting and varied month and I have laughed, cried, been horrified and gratified with the novels on my list. So many really terrific reads, but the one which I cannot get out of my mind is My Husband’s Lies by Caroline England. When I began reading this one about a group of friends and their families, I wondered ‘which husband?’, but not for long. This one is packed with secrets and lies and is an absolutely riveting read; the kind which worms it’s way into your psyche and stays there long after you have reached the final page. A definite unforgettable read, and a must have for wish-lists!

Thank you for once again taking the time to join me for a look back over this month. Next month is packed with books to read and review already, so new adventures await.

Happy Reading!



May 2018.png




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