Monthly Round-up



It’s been another cold and miserable month – on the plus side, that means lots of snuggling up with a book! Another 21 novels under my belt with some totally terrific reads, and I’ve laughed, cried, puzzled and giggled my way through.

Picking one book each month gets more difficult and this month is no exception. I’ve chosen one in a series which has really got under my skin – getting better and better with each book as I get more familiar with the characters.

Turning the Tide by Edith Maxwell is the third novel in the Quaker Midwife Series. Set in the 1880s, these are historical mysteries and the detail is truly amazing. It’s not a religion I was overly familiar with – I have read more books about the Amish – but I find there is something very attractive about the Quaker way of life. Adding that our midwife has a penchant for happening across dead bodies and then being unable to leave well alone until the killer is brought to justice, this series is fast rising on my list of favourites and it definitely gets a huge recommendation from me.

I hope you will check out my reviews. I don’t ‘do’ spoilers, so there is no fear of my wasting any outcomes for you.

I live in hope of being able to do some outdoor reading in April – who knows?

Happy reading!




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