Mums Just Wanna Have Fun

Written by Lucie Wheeler


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Meet Nancy…

Single mum Nancy will do anything for her little boy. Jack’s autism makes life difficult at times, but she’s determined to ensure he lives the best life possible. So, when her best friend Harriet suggests a holiday to Ibiza, Nancy is torn: will Jack cope with the change in routine…will she?

And Harriet…

Workaholic mum Harriet convinces Nancy it’s the break they all need. A chance to have some fun with the kids, away from the stresses of normal life. And she’s determined to switch off her laptop, ignore her inbox, and just have fun with her kids for seven whole days…

Cocktails and kids’ club – what could go wrong?

Ibiza is beautiful, but Jack struggles with everything, Harriet refuses to put her laptop away, and Nancy begins to think she’s made a huge mistake. And then Nancy meets Cameron and his young son, Aiden and discovers that sometimes the best fun happens when you least expect it…

Can these two single-mum’s swap their mummy guilt for sunglasses and sangria?




Honest, Insightful and Entertaining!   225


What a read! This strikes to the heart of every woman with children, and it’s particularly apt that this book centres around a holiday. Others may be able to lie back and relax but as we all know, mums – and especially the single parent variety – are NEVER off-duty!

Nancy’s son Jack is autistic and this piqued my interest. I have a friend with two autistic boys and I know that she has faced exactly the sort of criticism which Nancy has to deal with. This is so authentic that everyone – and not just parents – should read this to increase their understanding without having to wade through a boring medical based explanation. I know how hard my friend has had to fight – and continues fighting – to get her boys fair treatment. I felt I wanted to send Jack a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Auty, not naughty’ …

Harriet is also a single parent with two children who runs her own company. She has a giant dose of ‘mum guilt’, not helped by her own mother’s constant criticisms. Life has moved on since the domestic goddess stay-at-home mums who could always look as if they had it all under control (I bet they had a cupboard or two which couldn’t be opened too), but in her mother’s world Harriet is failing at everything and she’s not shy in remonstrating with her – all of which adds to Hari’s stress.

A week in the sun sounds like just the thing to give these two a break – but, as we all know, holidays rarely turn out to be as easy or as relaxing as we think! The ups and downs of their daily holiday routine are funny, entertaining and touching – all at the same time. This is a book which will touch your heart and your soul, and will not be easily forgotten. I’d like to think that I’ll remember this read the next time I’m faced with a young mum with a child in meltdown .. after all, we’ve all been there!

This is an awesome read, well written and covering serious issues within a light hearted and fun story. That the author was writing it alongside studying for a degree whilst caring for her own family makes it nothing short of astonishing! This is one novel which I not only happily recommend, but one I won’t forget for quite some time!

My grateful thanks to author Lucie Wheeler for providing me with my copy. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


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  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 895 KB
  • Print Length: 300 pages
  • Publisher: HarperImpulse
  • Publication Date: 16 March 2018
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Meet the Author

618qi6bFk2L._SY200_Lucie lives in Essex with her husband, daughter and her English Bull Terrier, Dame, who loves to sit under her desk as she writes and keep her feet warm. Never one to sit still, she always has lots going on in her life at any one time. Currently, she is writing her novels alongside studying for a degree.

As a graduate of The London School of Journalism, a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, and one eighth of the writing group, The Romaniacs, Lucie is passionate about writing and continues to source new opportunities to share her words with the world.

In 2013, Lucie won a New Talent Award at The Festival of Romance and is now represented by literary agent , Kate Nash.

Lucie occasionally blogs both on her own website at and with The Romaniacs at She also vlogs over on her YouTube channel.

You can also find Lucie spending too much time on social media! She loves to connect with her readers though, so do pop by and say hello to her! She can be found on:

Her Website

all under the name Lucie Wheeler.

She loves reading, spending time with friends and eating chocolate – when she gets to do all three, she’s a very happy lady!


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