Little Woodford

Written by Catherine Jones


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Little Woodford has a sleepy high street, a weekly market, a weathered old stone church and lovingly tended allotments. A peaceful, unexciting place, the very heart of middle England.

In Little Woodford no one has fingers in more pies than Olivia Laithwaite, parish councillor, chair of the local WI, wife, mother and all round queen bee. So of course it’s Olivia who is first to spot that The Beeches has been sold at last.

Soon rumours begin to swirl around the young widow who has bought this lovely house. Why exactly did she leave London with her beautiful stepdaughter and young sons? Are they running from someone? Hiding something? Though if they are, they won’t be the only ones. Sometimes the arrival of newcomers in a community is all it takes to light a fuse…




Warm, Truthful and Such a Good Read!  225


This is a book packed with detail from the first to the last – and anyone who lives in a village / small town setting will know that it may look ‘peaceful and unexciting’ to the outsider, but is really a hotbed of activity and gossip!

There is a wealth of information between the covers of this novel .. always something going on with either the younger kids, the teenagers or the adults. With the arrival of a new family to ‘the big house’ we begin to meet the newbies and the inhabitants of Little Woodford and find out not only the face they present to their friends, neighbours and acquaintances but also the secrets they don’t want anyone to know – particularly their nearest and dearest. What makes this so readable is that the characters are so true-to-life. We can all look around us and pick out an Amy and an Olivia without even having to try too hard!

The writing flows smoothly, making this an easy read. With events always moving on, it’s not a book you want to set aside for long as there is always something lingering in your head, making you eager to find out what happens. I couldn’t criticise this one even if I wanted to .. it’s a wonderful read.

My grateful thanks to publishers Head of Zeus for pre-approving my requests on NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: family relationships, village life


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  • File Size: 1029 KB
  • Print Length: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Head of Zeus
  • Publication Date: 1 March 2018
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shadow heart



Fiona Field, joined the army when she was just 18, straight out of her all-girls school. Her first posting was to Bicester. At 21 she married an army bomb disposal expert and at 26 was thrown out of the army for becoming pregnant. Fiona understands life as a soldier’s wife and her own son, also a soldier, recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan. She knows the frustrations and difficulties of living with the rules and regulations that have to exist to enable the well-oiled military machine to function. A full time author, Fiona has written sixteen books under the names Kate Lace, Annie Jones and her real name, Catherine Jones. She was Chairman of Romantic Novelists’ Association from 2007 – 2009, during which time she captained the RNA team on University Challenge to the Grand Final. Follow her on twitter @field_fiona. Or visit her website


shadow heart


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