Those Other Women

Written by Nicola Moriarty


shadow heart


Poppy never thought she wanted to be a mother – until her husband got her best friend pregnant.

Now everywhere she goes mothers are reminding her of his betrayal . . .

So Poppy creates an innocent Facebook group to vent just a little about ‘smug mummies’.

Except those ‘other women’ are already heartily sick of being judged by non-mums and stay-at-home mums alike. Two can play at Poppy’s game.

Which is when the anger spills into the real world.

Cafés become battlegrounds, playgrounds become warzones and offices have never been so divided between the have children and have lives . . .

A rivalry that was once harmless fun is suddenly spiralling out of Poppy’s control.

She started this – but can she end it?





Packed Full of Entertainment!  225

This is a book which has captivated my attention on so many levels; it’s packed full of details with several story lines. It entertaining and fun, but with a serious side.

Poppy and Annalise are women who work for the same company and play sport together. When Poppy’s best friend betrays her in the worst way, Annalise helps her pick up the pieces. Fed up with – as they see them – smug mummies getting an easier ride at work than they do – they set up a facebook group for women who don’t want children as they are already aware of a local fb group for women with families. Aiming for a group with a positive influence, they could never have foreseen how things would turn out.

In addition, we follow both ladies – together and separately – and find out about their families and workmates, and a little of their histories. There is a LOT going on in this one, and all of it good. It’s a novel which holds your interest from beginning to end and certainly had my brain ticking over trying to work out the puzzle within. As well as some sad moments, there are some hysterically funny scenes. This is a well-written, well-plotted novel which is all go from first to last and one I most definitely recommend as a great read.

My thanks to publishers Penguin UK – Michael Joseph for pre-approving my requests via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: humour, women


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 2981.0 KB
  • Print Length: 425 pages
  • Publisher: Penguin
  • Publication Date: 1 March 2018
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shadow heart


Meet the Author

61fQAZNEkbL._SY200_Nicola Moriarty is a Sydney-based novelist, copywriter and mum to two small (but remarkably strong willed) daughters. In between various career changes, becoming a mum and completing her BA, she began to write. Now, she can’t seem to stop. Her published works include the novels Free-Falling, Paper Chains and The Fifth Letter plus the novella Captivation as well as contributions to two UK anthologies. She is also the younger sister of best-selling and award-winning authors, Liane Moriarty and Jaclyn Moriarty.

Nicola has been awarded the Fred Rush Convocation prize from Macquarie University, along with ‘Best Australian Debut’ from Chicklit Club. She has been published in Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom and her books have been translated into German, Dutch and Hungarian.


shadow heart

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