Monthly Round-up

shadow heart


Here we are again, another month further into this year and it’s been a cold one! Too chilly to think about venturing out for all but the most urgent of reasons so it’s been a good month for reading. I’m thrilled to have finished a total of twenty-one books and – due to my careful selection of novels – I enjoyed the vast majority of them. In addition, there was one I couldn’t finish – a rare event for me but sometimes, life is just too short to plod on with a book which makes no sense.

February has seen a good selection of books on my kindle and picking the one which stands out above all others is never easy, but this month I’ve plumped for Robert Dinsdale’s The Toymakers. Not the easiest read of the month, given that fantasy is not a preferred genre of mine, but it is the one which stretched me most and has stuck with me. A superb read and truly worthy of it’s five stars!

You can find my detailed reviews for all of these books in this blog .. and no need to worry if you’re thinking of reading them for yourself as I don’t give anything away.

Happy reading for March!







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