The Cosy Castle on the Loch: Spring

Written by Alice Ross


shadow heart


Nothing in Flora Hamilton’s twenty-two-year existence has ever gone to plan.

But when she finds herself whipped up in a whirl of activity at Glenduff Castle to neatly tie up the rest of her life for her, she begins to panic.
With pressure coming at her from all sides, the easiest option is for Flora to go along with it all. But will the appearance of a handsome stranger at Glenduff provide her with a more attractive alternative?

This is the first of four short stories in The Cosy Castle on the Loch series.




Happy and Uplifting Start to a New Series!  225

I’m always particularly excited to reach one of Alice Ross’s books in my reading list as I know I’m in for a treat – always different from her others and so easy to read. True to form, this one ticked all the boxes PLUS it’s the beginning of a new series!

In a gorgeous setting of a highland castle in springtime this is very much a character driven book. It’s such fun getting settled into a new cast – all true-to-life – and, although there are plenty of options, this one doesn’t go where you first think it will. A complete read in it’s own, the author cleverly leaves the door open for so much more to come and I found myself looking forward to the rest of the series before I had even reached the end of the first one.

This is a lovely light read and, as with all the author’s other writing, one I heartily recommend. Happy and uplifting but not without a bit of angst this is such a delightful read and one I’m delighted to add to my collection.

My grateful thanks to the author for my copy of her novella. This is my honest, original and unbiased reviews.

Tags: rom-com


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 3359.0 KB
  • Print Length: 101 pages
  • Publication Date: 14 February 2018
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shadow heart


71Su7BjlCaL._SY200_Alice Ross used to work in the financial services industry where she wrote riveting, enthralling brochures about pensions and ISAs that everyone read avidly and no one ever put straight into the bin.

One day, when nobody was looking, she managed to escape. Dragging her personal chef (aka her husband) along with her, she headed to Spain, where she began writing witty, sexy, romps designed to amuse slightly more than pension brochures.

Missing Blighty (including the weather – but don’t tell anyone), she returned five years later and now works part-time in the tourism industry.

When not writing, she can be found scratching out a tune on her violin, walking her dog in wellies two sizes too big (don’t ask!), or standing on her head in a yoga pose.

Alice loves to hear from her readers. You can get in touch with her via Twitter @aliceross22


shadow heart



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