Rafferty Lincoln Loves

Written by Emily Williams


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A sensational and compelling, coming of age story for older YA readers. Foreword by Frankie Dettori MBE.

Rafferty Lincoln doesn’t like horses. Not one bit. But when the popular high school girl of his dreams, Liberty Ashburn pulls him into a world of lead ropes and horse brushes, who is he to say no?

Except this isn’t any old horse. This is the missing racehorse, Profits Red Ridge. The horse Rafferty and three of his friends are hiding from the world. And Liberty Ashburn isn’t just any ordinary high school girl. How far will Rafferty go to win her over?

An intense, witty and powerful coming of age story with startling consequences.




Wonderful, True-to-Life Tale and Very Enjoyable!  225

I can’t even begin to think how long it is since I’ve read a YA novel .. but, based on this one, I may just be looking at them more often . . .

Unlike many others, I’ve never felt an attraction to horses – they are beautiful animals and the local farm had the most spectacular Palomino in the field who would run across to greet us as we returned home from school. But ride one? Nope, not me. So when I was given the opportunity to read this novel it was the author who attracted me and not necessarily the story. However, I LOVED the story! Every single thing about it!

Very cleverly written, this is a coming-of-age story which plunges you back into the angst and uncertainty of schooldays. Wonderful, true to life descriptions of four young folk brought together by a situation – not of their making – which results in them sharing a secret. As with any secret, there are repercussions, and not always foreseen ones. There follows some glorious months of secret meeting and public disowning of each other while privately they revel in each other’s company.

With plenty of giggles and more than a hint of sadness, this has been a great book to read and one I would recommend whatever age you are and regardless of how you feel towards horses. Very fittingly, all proceeds are going to the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre.

I am very grateful to the author for offering me a copy of this novel to read; her debut novel, Letters to Eloise, was my book of the year for 2017 and I feel sure this one will follow in also being a great success. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.

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  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 1730.0 KB
  • Print Length: 239 pages
  • Publisher: Lutino Publications
  • Publication Date: 14 February 2018
  • Link to Buy: http://amzn.eu/2kkxJjB


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Meet the Author

71VqEAEUbML._SY200_Emily Williams lives by the seaside in West Sussex with her family and a menagerie of small pets. After graduating from Sussex University with a BA in Psychology, Emily trained as a primary school teacher and teaches in a local school.

Letters to Eloise is her debut novel. Her new novel, the YA fiction Rafferty Lincoln Loves… will be released this year. The proceeds from the book will be donated to the British Thoroughbred Retraining Centre.


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