Accidentally in Love

Written by Anna Premoli


shadow heart


A funny romantic comedy about how opposites definitely do attract… Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Meg Cabot.

Sara Di Giovanni is a successful lawyer in New York City: she is the star of her profession, an excellent role model to her very vivacious little sister, but has so far been unlucky in love…

Ethan Phelps is the rich playboy trouble-maker whose only talent in life is spending money and dating women…

That is until Ethan’s father dies with no will to his name, leaving his two sons the legal heirs to his billion-dollar company.

Sara is forced to become the court-appointed guardian to handle Ethan’s share of the fortune, as his family do not trust him to manage it himself. Sara thinks it should be easy, but it’s not so simple when Ethan is determined to get rid of her by whatever means necessary…

What ensues is a dramatic and hilarious power-play between Sara and Ethan… but what will happen when feelings start to get in the way?






Full of Witty Repartee! 4 stars

This novel is full of unexpected situations and witty repartee – it is a battle of wits, and an entertaining read!

Ethan is a waster who comes from a rich family. Never having had to worry about money he has created for himself an easy life of expensive tastes, even spending time in rehab – and more than once!

Sara, on the other hand, is a respected lawyer who has worked hard to get to where she is today. Specialising in patent law, she is currently appearing before the Judge who knows Ethan’s family and the problems his lifestyle causes them. Impressed with Sara’s no-nonsense and efficient manner in tackling the opposition in court, Judge Richter hits upon the bright idea of appointing Sara as his new guardian in charge of his financial affairs. Surely her tenaciousness will succeed where all previous appointees failed? After all, there can only be so many who will run for the hills faced with Ethan Phelps!

And so begins a struggle with Ethan finding out fairly rapidly that his old tricks don’t have the same effect on Sara as her predecessors. What follows is a wonderful battle of wits and point scoring, with each trying to get the better of the other. As Sara struggles to stay one step ahead, Ethen must dig deep ..

This is a well-written, warm book which – although slow to begin with – soon captures the reader’s attention, providing plenty of chuckles and more than a few smiles along the way.

My thanks to publishers Aria for pre-approving my requests on NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.


Tags: rom-com


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 2392.0 KB
  • Print Length: 250 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 1 February 2018
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shadow heart


Meet the Author

B1LcRhKliTS._UX250_Anna Premoli was born in Croatia and lives in Milan, where she graduated in economics at the Bocconi. She has worked at J.P. Morgan and, since 2004, for a private bank. Mathematics has always been her strong point; writing came by chance, as an ‘anti-stress method’ during her pregnancy. Love to Hate You stayed at the top of the bestseller lists for months and won the 2013 Bancarella Prize; the film rights have been bought by Colorado Film.


shadow heart





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