Prosecco and Promises

Written by A. L. Michael


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Meet Mia: an unforgettable heroine learning the meaning of life and love on a beautiful Italian island.


Mia’s dad has always been her idol. Now, she faces losing him and he is insisting that she leave England to visit her mother’s family on the Italian island of Ischia.

Arriving on the island, Mia is embraced by the warm, crazy relatives she hardly knows. Despite her doubts about the trip, it is in Italy that Mia discovers connections to a part of her life that’s been missing, and during the sun-soaked days and steamy nights Mia falls for handsome local Salvatore. But as the day of her departure draws nearer can she risk having her heart broken twice in one summer?




Warm Read in a Perfect Setting   4 stars

Mia’s story is a good one, showing off the island of Ischia beautifully. This is not just a romance, it is a young woman learning to put herself first and take a tender step into a new life.

There is enough realism and heartbreak in this book not to make it too sweet, and happiness counts for more somehow when it follows sadness. For me, I would have liked to see Mia mix with more than the few folk that she did on the island. I thought the storyline was just a tad predictable given the limited characters but none the less enjoyable.

There is no doubt this novel has a wonderful setting, and there is plenty of tourist information included, both about Ischia and a slice of Naples. It is a good read.

My thanks to publishers Canelo for accepting my request via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.



  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 430.0 KB
  • Print Length: 202 pages
  • Publisher: Canelo
  • Publication Date: 12 February 2018
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shadow heart


Meet the Author


A1EasjseTfL._UX250_A.L. Michael is hurtling towards the end of her twenties a little too quickly. She is the author of 10 novels. Her most recent collection of books, The Martini Club Series, started with Cocktails and Dreams, to be followed by Prosecco and Promises, and Martinis and Memories.

She likes to write about difficult women. Well, they say to write what you know.

Andi works as a content writer, as well as a therapeutic facilitator. She has a bunch of degrees in stuff to do with writing, and wrote her MSc dissertation on the power of creative writing in eating disorder recovery. She truly believes stories can change your life.

She is represented by Madeleine Milburn Agency, and you’ll be seeing a lot more from her in 2018.
@almichael_ a.l.michael.writer


shadow heart




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