The Runaway Wife

Written by Rosie Clarke


shadow heart


Love, marriage, obsession, betrayal and treachery in 1920’s London

– a powerful and gritty saga perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Josephine Cox and Rosie Goodwin.

The hedonism of London in the roaring ’20’s is a world away from Annabel Tarleton’s ordinary country existence. Until a chance meeting with the charming Richard Fortescue at a society ball changes her life for ever.

Swept off her feet by the dashing Richard, and his renowned fortune, Annabel soon realises all that all that glitters isn’t gold. Her bid for freedom has come at a terrible price and she finds herself trapped inside a marriage that behind closed doors is cruel and brutal.

Annabel has no choice but to flee, and will do everything to save herself, and her unborn baby, from destitution. But the very rich and very powerful expect to get what they want – and Richard wants only one thing – Annabel…






Such a Gritty and Exciting Saga! 225

I love a good saga, as well as being rather fond of a ‘period’ read, and this one ticks all the boxes – and then some!

Set in the period between the two world wars, this is a tale which acknowledges the changes in Britain, and how difficult life was for young women whose mama’s were set in their ways and refused to move with the times. Far more important than happiness was what ‘society’ thought and woe betide any offspring who didn’t bow down to their parents’ wishes! The story centres around Annabel, a young lady who would love nothing more than to ignore the shackles of expectation and follow her own path, but years of being raised by a dominant mother who demands conformity puts immense pressure on her.

Annabel’s life doesn’t pan out the way she would have expected, and we are privy to what happens behind closed doors as well as what the rest the rest of the world sees. Finding herself trapped in an unhappy marriage but free from her mother’s influence, she begins to find her courage. What follows is a gritty, if realistic, read which I enjoyed very much. With sadness and happiness spread over the pages, this is one book I really didn’t want to lay aside.

The Runaway Wife is an exceptionally well written novel, true to the period with a wide variety of characters from all walks of life and encompassing all the ups and downs of daily life as well as looking at the wider picture. I am a confirmed fan of this author, loving her writing and finding this truly enjoyable, and definitely one I would recommend to lovers of a good saga set in the twenties.

My thanks to publishers Aria for pre-approving me for their books on NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.

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  • Print Length: 255 pages
  • Publisher: Aria
  • Publication Date: 1 February 2018
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shadow heart



About the Author

I currently write as Rosie Clarke for Aria ( a companion publisher to Head of Zeus). I have written many other novels under various names. As Rosie Clarke I wrote the very successful Downstairs Maid and the Emma trilogy. As my readers know four new books have been published.

Lizzie’s Secret was published on 1st April and Lizzie’s War followed on 1st September 2016. Both books were best sellers at amazon and other e-book outlets. Lizzie’s Daughters was published 1st May 2017. Now the first two books are being published in hardback and paperback. Lizzie’s Secret is in mass market PB in July 2017. Also Jessie’s Promise is selling well at amazon and other outlets in e-book.

A lovely new series begins on 1st August 2017 The Girls of Mulberry Lane. There will be at least four in the series and if readers love the series perhaps more. Do let us know with reviews and tweets.

Writing is my pleasure and my passion. Happily married, I enjoy life and like to write about the joys and the sorrows and give my readers fast pacey reads that grip them from start to finish.

I would also like to thank my many readers for the lovely reviews they’ve given my books on amazon.


shadow heart









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