Her Last Lie

Written by Amanda Brittany


shadow heart


She thought she was free of the past. She was wrong.

Six years ago Isla was the only victim to walk free from Carl Jeffery’s vicious murder spree. Now, Isla vows to live her life to the fullest and from the outside it appears perfect.

Determined to finish her book Isla plans her final trip to Sweden, but after returning from Canada and meeting a man she never thought she would, her life begins to derail.

Suddenly Isla is plagued by memories of the man who tried to murder her, and the threat that he could be back causes her to question everything, and everyone around her.




A Debut which Delivers Everything it Promises! 225

Described as a gripping psychological thriller, this is one novel which delivers everything it promises! As her debut novel, Amanda Brittany has raised the bar in this genre.

This is the story of Isla, who has successfully moved on from her traumatic past when she almost died at the hands of a serial murderer. When strange things begin to happen at the same time as the convicted man attempts to launch his appeal, Isla fears he is stalking her again. Despite having her life back on track and pursuing a career as a photographer / write and living with her boyfriend of two years, cracks begin to show in her life. Is it her mind playing tricks or is it worse than that?

Several times whilst reading, I was convinced I had it all worked out. WRONG! This is a very cleverly constructed novel. All the necessary information is there but time and again I made the wrong assumptions. I love that everything is all neatly finished off by the end of the book – I do so hate to be left with something niggling at me but no such worries with this one. This is a book which will get under your skin, no doubt about it.

My thanks to publishers HQ Digital for approving my copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: psychological thriller


  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • File Size: 950.0 KB
  • Print Length: 303 pages
  • Publisher: HQ Digital
  • Publication Date: 9 January 2018


shadow heart


About the Author

Amanda Brittany lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and two dogs. A1R6szvYJOL._UX250_.jpgShe loves travelling, and visiting Abisko in Sweden inspired her to write ‘Her Last Lie’.

She began writing fiction nine years ago, and has since gained a BA in Literature, a Diploma in Creative Writing, and has had 200 stories and articles published in magazines globally.

When her younger sister became terminally ill, Amanda’s hope was to write a novel where her royalties went to Cancer Research. ‘Her Last Lie’ is that book, and all of Amanda’s royalties for downloads will go to that charity. ‘Her Last Lie’ is her debut novel.

You can follow her on Twitter @amandajbrittany. Facebook http://www.facebook.com/amandabrittany2






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