Annual Reflections

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Now we’re one week into this year, I’ve had time to reflect on the books I read in 2017 – all 170 of them! A year ago, I resolved to try and read more and I’m delighted to have increased to this level. Although I only began blogging at the beginning of September, I’m looking at novels read over the whole of 2017. All the novels from September onwards can be found on this blog, prior to that you can find all my reviews on Goodreads.

Each month, I reflect on the books I have read and pick one which has stood out for me, so these are my twelve choices for this year:


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From gentle romances to psychological thrillers, 2017 has been a whirlwind of great reads. There have been the odd ones with which I haven’t got on, but I’m happy to say those are few and far between. Every single one of the novels above are ones I would recommend without hesitation, and all are authors now firmly on my list of ‘not to be missed‘.

So which one stood out the most? Emma Davies writes warmly, as does Faith Hogan. Emma’s books tend to create series, whereas Faith’s are standalone reads. Mick Bose writes really exciting thrillers. Edith Maxwell writes about a Quaker midwife in this series with a mystery thrown in for good measure. Jane Casey’s book is seventh in a series of police procedurals which I really must read in it’s entirety. Michelle Frances, S. D. Monaghan, Karen Osman, Sue Fortin and Liv Constantine all wrote books where I couldn’t work out where they were headed.

On reflection, the one book which has stayed with me since I read it – and really resonated with me at the time of reading, is Emily Williams’ Letters to Eloise. It’s an absolute masterpiece, and definitely one which I shall return to one day.




Congratulations Emily Williams – that this is your debut novel makes it all the more worth celebrating!


I’m happy to have finally set up my blog. The support from family and friends is so appreciated, and the publishers and authors who have offered me books to read and helped to get Good ‘n’ Read~y out there into the literary world have become friends along the way. Fellow bloggers show amazing support to a newbie and I try to reciprocate. This is a good world to be involved in and my sincere thanks to all who have helped me along the way and especially those who have made the effort to follow my blog as well as like and comment on my posts. Thank you.

Here’s to a great year, for everyone involved in books. To the authors, the editors, the publishers and the readers .. Happy New Year!







2 thoughts on “Annual Reflections

  1. What a lovely blog post and a great list of books. Thank you, Grace for including The Birthday Girl on the list, I’m delighted you enjoyed it so much.
    Happy new year and I’m sure you’ll have some great books to read this year.


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