The Pets at Primrose Cottage by Sheila Norton



A1uu6csx5UL._UX250_All Emma wants is a quiet life in sleepy Crickleford,

away from the prying eyes of the press who are obsessed with the life she used to lead.

She is enjoying her new vocation: the town’s most in-demand pet-sitter. But her journalist friend and fellow animal lover Matt is desperate for a big story to make his career – such as Emma’s true identity…

Emma doesn’t want the spotlight, but it keeps finding her anyway. Can she keep her past a secret and live the life she’s dreamed of?




Always with the Feel-Good Factor!

I’ve been looking forward to reading this, the second of four parts of this novel, since enjoying the first. I’m happy to report I’m not disappointed – but then, this author never lets her readers down.

Following on from where the first paused this continues the story of Emma, who has returned home after the break-up of her relationship. Due to continual media harassment, her family no longer made her welcome and she sought refuge in the sleepy town of Crickleford, only to panic at the interest of the local paper after she caught a burglar at the home of one of the homes where she was pet-sitting. In this installment, we find out whether Emma can continue to make her home in Crickleford or will be forced to relocate, losing any hope of ever finding out if the cottage she covets could possibly be hers.

Emma has been accepted by the local pet owners who have embraced her fledgling business and has almost decided to remain, having taken the first steps to put her business on a more formal footing. However, diverting past Bilberry Cottage one day she gets a terrible shock when she recognises the person she assumes to be the new owner …

I love how each part of this story carries the tale a little further on and ends on a cliff hanger! Luckily I already have the next part safely tucked in my tbr list, and I’m looking forward to it already. These books have a bit of everything in them – family, friends, a touch of mystery and the extra topping of all the lovely pets. Sheila Norton writes very interesting and easy to read books, always with the feel good factor and I highly recommend them!

My thanks to Ebury Digital for approving my arc copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: humour, romance, animals

Format: Kindle Edition

File Size: 1286.0 KB

Print Length: 79 pages

Publisher: Ebury Digital

Publication Date: 21 December 2017




Also by Sheila Norton, who also writes as Olivia Ryan

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