By Rachel Amphlett



Today I’m very happy to welcome author Rachel Amphlett to my blog with a guest post to celebrate the publication of her latest novel, Hell to Pay.

Scroll down for the chance to win an ebook copy of this superb read!




Will Kay Hunter survive her next investigation, or will there be Hell to Pay?


The release of Hell to Pay on 16 November 2017 sees the underlying sub-plot of the previous Kay Hunter books being thrust into the foreground – and things really get tough for our intrepid detective.


Having carried out her own secret investigation into why she is being targeted, Kay’s obsession with seeking revenge against those who have wronged her as well as bringing them to justice has unforeseen consequences for her and her team, and the tension doesn’t let up for the whole book.


When I was developing the series last year, Hell to Pay was the story that first started going around in my head, although the original opening scene I wrote has since been cut.


However, the more I jotted down notes and researched UK policing methods, the more ideas I gained for nefarious activities in Kent’s county town, Maidstone. So much so, that it seemed natural to begin the series in a different way – to have an overarching murder investigation that Kay and her team would have to solve, and a sub-plot about a Professional Services investigation into Kay that wrongly accused her of something she didn’t do.


The first three books in the series therefore show Kay progressing her own investigation into why she had been set up while she’s juggling her daily work duties.


Despite the underlying tension the sub-plot has created for readers though, I’m mindful of the fact that I didn’t want to drag it out – I knew when I published the first book in the series, Scared to Death, in December 2016 that I would share with readers what was going on behind the scenes before a year was out.


And that brings us to Hell to Pay. This is it. This is where everything is explained, and we find out why Kay has been targeted – and by whom.


And that cut scene from the original draft of Hell to Pay? Well, sign up to my Readers Group before the end of December, and I’ll share it with you exclusively!





Rachel has very kindly offered a free copy of her latest novel, Hell to Pay.

To enter, like this post and comment with the name of the main character in ‘Hell to Pay’. This giveaway closes at 7 pm (UK time) on Sunday 10 December and the winner shall be announced on this page soon thereafter. The winner shall be chosen entirely at random. Thank you for participating!





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