Monthly Roundup .. November



All of a sudden, we’ve reached the final month of the year and a full three months since my blog was launched. I’ve been fighting ill health in November, but still managed to read and review fifteen books which I’m happy about. I’m very grateful to everyone who takes the time to follow Good ‘n’ Read-y and read my posts.

It has been another month of terrific reads .. one or two I wasn’t too keen on but, for the most part, I have thoroughly enjoyed these novels . . .


1. TBLCS   2. TD   3. LS&A   4. WaWSGH   5. ML

6. GinG   7. TBG.jpg   8. SKOW   9. CatCAC   10. HH

11. TPaPC.jpg   12. DS   13. LBCftLAF   14. NYSM   15. TBE


It’s been very difficult to pick one which stands out from the rest, but after much deliberation I’ve settled on The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin. As you will find out from my review, it centres around a ‘big’ birthday and as I have one of those coming up before the end of the year, it really resonated with me – although, it has to be said, I am definitely, absolutely NOT going away .. not after reading this!




November round up.png




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