Winter at West Sands Guest House by Maggie Conway



Maggie ConwayCan Eva find love this Christmas?

Eva Harris has her hands full juggling a young son, a disobedient dog and running her thriving seaside guesthouse, so really the last thing she needs is to be distracted by her new neighbour, ridiculously handsome but arrogant Ben Matthews.

For one thing, she’s got nothing in common with the man, Ben’s a high flying lecturer at the town’s university while she barely scraped through high school, for another he’s fresh out of a relationship while Eva hasn’t been on one single date since the death of her husband, seven years ago!

She’s determined to keep her distance, but in a small town like St Andrews that’s easier said than done, and it doesn’t help that everyone, including her son Jamie, think Ben is wonderful! Breaking out of her sad but safe little bubble might be the hardest thing she’s ever had to do, but Ben might just be worth the risk…




A Wonderfully Cosy Read!

What a lovely warm read .. just perfect for these chilly days! I really enjoyed this book and especially the setting .. St Andrews is a place I visited a lot on day trips in my youth and Maggie Conway gives the town the attention it deserves.

Eva bought her guest house when, as a widow with a young son, she needed to invest her cash wisely in a business which let her combine earning money with being there for her child. She was very lucky to have such lovely neighbours in the MacKenzies and was feeling the loss of such good friends when they had to move to a smaller home for health reasons. Her mother and sister have always seemed to pair up nicely and not need her presence in their lives and with the empty house lying next door, she is feeling lonely. It’s not easy being solely responsible for a boy transitioning into manhood.

Ben has given up his high-flying and very lucrative career in the financial industry in London to move to the university town and join academia once more. With the end of his relationship which saw his girlfriend as the only one who had viewed the house, he’s not quite sure what he’s doing in such a large property in the seaside town. With his mind full of his new start in life, he’s rather prickly when he meets Eva for the first time and the meeting leaves them each despairing of their new neighbour.

This is a wonderfully cosy read, with well rounded characters each with their own little foibles. There is plenty going on .. lots of small incidents which all add up to a really heartwarming tale. I think every mother, and especially those of us who have been single parents, will identify with Eva. This is more than just a romance. There are several disfunctional relationships which grab your attention and – as with all good books – every single one gets the attention it deserves during the course of the story. I enjoyed it so much and have no hesitation in recommending it as a great Christmas read.

My thanks to HQ Digital for providing me with an arc copy via NetGalley. This is my honest, original and unbiased review.






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