Monthly Roundup .. October




October arrived bringing with it darker evenings – all the better to curl up with my kindle and it proved to be a bumper month!


1.TLG.png     2.IfOnlyYouKnew.png     3.FatalMasquerade     4.CaCC

5. TCCC2     6.EYDIW     7. tCCC3     8.HN2bAB

9.AYDS    10. TLMP     12.TBG    12.CoLL

13.RTFA 14.HtP      15.SilentLies    16.CaBTC     17.StuckWithYou     18.EnglishwomanatChristmas       19.CSaSC


Where do I begin to decide which one lodged itself in my subconscious? Truth to tell, several of these books have stayed with me but possibly the one which has stood out most – and not least because the ending shocked me to the core – would be The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine.

Written by sisters Lynne and Valerie Constantine under the pen name of Liv Constantine, this is an stunning well-crafted novel which – as I mentioned in my review – is a master class in manipulation. This is one unmissable book and if you are a fan of psychological thrillers or even buying a gift for someone who is, then you really cannot go wrong with this one.





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