Stuck with You by Anna Premoli




Lavinia Ferrari is in her fifth year at Bocconi University where she studies B1LcRhKliTS._UX250_Economics when she is introduced to a new project that will guarantee her extra credits. She’s intrigued… but it means the class must team up with students from the Computer Engineering course. Lavinia has absolutely no interest in the project, and to top things off, she’s paired with Seb Marconi who is less than enthusiastic.

When the work begins, her friends seem to be making great progress with their partners, but Lavinia isn’t having the same luck… Seb is making it quite clear that he’s not interested in the project, or Lavinia, fuelling her frustration.

She has no choice – they’re stuck in this, and besides, she won’t receive her extra credits unless they work together. Lavinia must come up with a way to convince the guy who drives her crazy to put the work in… but how?




A Nice Easy Read!  4starstr

Lavinia is a quiet unassuming student who likes to be nice to everyone but boy, she hasn’t encountered anyone like Sebastiano Marconi before. He is the yin to her yang – and not necessarily in a good way. She has selfies all over fb, he doesn’t use it. She likes popular music, he’s very scathing about it. She likes to get along with people, he has absolutely no inclination to be civil. She lives in her world and he lives in his until, in a collaboration between their universities, they are paired up for a project.

Anna Premoli writes very engagingly. Her characters are wonderfully flawed and even the more minor ones well drawn and very funny! The relationship – or lack of it – between Vinny and Seb is not only entertaining but so very believable, and their families made me laugh! I did feel that it dragged a bit in the middle; there was a lot of repetition with the ‘her trying hard and his being obstructive’ but on reflection I think that perhaps it was essential to the story.

Stuck With You is an enjoyable, light-hearted read and one which will leave you with a happy feeling. If you fancy a nice easy read then this is one for you.

My thanks  to publishers Aria and NetGalley for sending me an arc in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: rom-com

Format: Kindle edition

File Size: 2747.0 KB

Publisher: Aria

Publication Date: 1 November 2017




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