Christmas with the Bomb Girls by Daisy Styles




It’s Christmas time with our favourite Bomb Girls at the Phoenix Munitions Factory . . . with trouble ahead can their wishes still come true?

The festive season is approaching at the Phoenix Munitions Factory and Gladys, Kitty, Edna and the rest of the Bomb Girls are determined to make this a year to remember.

With Myrtle’s health in decline, Edna’s love life beginning to take flight, a shy new arrival in their midst and continual hard work on the factory floor, life is never quiet in Pendle. But Gladys, back from performing for the troops on the front, is sullen and sad and her friends are sure she is hiding something.

What exactly happened while Gladys was away? Will she be brought back to life by her old friends? And will the Bomb Girls be able to provide a wonderful Christmas all round?




Heart Warming and Nostalgic! 5startr

Christmas with the Bomb Girls is a wonderful warm read. Despite not having read the previous books in series, I soon settled in to enjoy the company of these women who worked and played so hard during the second world war.

There are a lovely array of characters in this novel, each true to life and just as varied as you would find among any group of friends. They share their troubles and their joys and are all the richer for it. Each has their own story to tell and the individual strands are melded together as only an expert writer can do. Such a heart warming and nostalgic read!

While they obviously have a past together, I get the feeling that it is only touched upon in this, the third in series, and at some future date I would like to read the first two. I certainly expect there will be a fourth as some threads could easily be expanded upon.

All in all, a fabulously enjoyable novel which, although set during such a dreadful time in history, clearly shows the indomitable spirit of those who lived and fought through the war. Very entertaining and one which I certainly recommend to lovers of good writing.

My thanks to publishers Penguin for allowing me to access an arc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: domestic saga, women, WWII




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