How Not to be a Bride by Portia MacIntosh



Definitely, maybe…yes?

Mia Valentina gave up her high-flying life in LA to move back to Kent over four years ago. But it turns out that life in the slow lane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

So when her boyfriend Leo proposes, she says yes, hoping it will bring some much needed sparkle back into her life. The trouble is, Mia never wanted a big white wedding, just the happy ever after ..




Very easy to read rom-com of the highest calibre! 5startr

How Not to be a Bride is a fabulously sparkling fun read with an underlying message: do you get married for the wedding – or the marriage?

Mia and Leo are totally and madly in love, but outside influences don’t make the ride an easy one – a house which takes all their time and money, madcap neighbours, Leo’s shift pattern as a fireman, Mia’s lack of a regular income – and that’s without mentioning her overbearing and interfering family (which rang a very loud bell for me). All of these add up to a level of stress which is only just bearable .. and then Leo proposes!

This is my first Portia MacIntosh read and I look forward to searching out more of her novels. Great well-rounded characters, fabulous writing, travel, personal dilemmas, jealousy, family relations and, most importantly, love all make this a very easy to read rom-com of the highest calibre. And it’s so funny!

Definitely a book and an author which I recommend. Trust me, this will lift your spirits and make you smile. Five sparkling gold stars without a doubt.

My thanks to HQ Digital for approving my request on NetGalley to read an arc of this novel in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: rom-com

How Not to be a Bride will be published on 17 October by HQ Digital




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