The Cotswolds Cookery Club: A Taste of France by Alice Ross



Too many men spoil the broth…?

71Su7BjlCaL._UX250_Kate Harris has enough on her plate! Life is constant juggling act between raising her three young children and running a busy Veterinary Practice in the Cotswolds. But with her passion for all things French, especially the mouth-watering cuisine, the cookery club with her three best friends, Connie, Melody and Trish is the perfect escape…

Now the foursome has been given their biggest challenge yet! Yet, with her husband Andrew’s increasingly secretive behaviour, the unexpected reappearance of her dishy ex-boyfriend, Gregg, and an unexpected culinary challenge from her daughter’s nursery, Kate decides it’s time to take charge of the disparate ingredients of her life and transform them into the perfect pot-au-feu!




Not only the windows sparkle in this fun read!

After reading – and loving – the first two of this series I couldn’t wait to see where the third would take me and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. Alice Ross writes a fine rom-com with a fantastic variety of characters and I am actually rather sad that there aren’t more in this series – guess I’ll have to move on to her other novels now!

A Taste of France continues from where the Spanish cuisine left off. The food culture changes but the problems of the women involved in the Cookery Club continue with the usual giggles. I doubt anyone could read these books without laughing out loud and I will certainly regard permanently sparkling windows with a twitch of my eyebrows in future.

A very entertaining book with, as I particularly like, all threads neatly sewn up at the end with everyone moving on with their lives. The story line and the characters have evolved beautifully in each novel with the introduction of new characters and plenty of romantic interests. I’m so happy to have read these three, and have definitely added the author to my favourites list.

My thanks to HQ Digital for approving an arc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.

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