Everything You Do Is Wrong by Amanda Coe




‘Do You Know This Girl?’

Harmony’s teenage craving for drama is answered when a body is discovered by her aunt Mel on Evensand beach. But the naked, lifeless young woman turns out – problematically – to be alive. Unable to speak or remember where she came from, the woman is named Storm by her nurses.

Surrounded by doctors, psychiatrists and policemen, Storm remains provocatively silent. Harmony is desperate to fill in the gaps in Storm’s story, while the responsibility Mel feels for the woman she rescued begins to skew the course of her own settled life. Their efforts to solve the mystery clash with the efforts of rookie constable Mason, assigned to the case and determined to help this damsel he feels to be very much in distress.

Will any of them be able to find out who Storm really is? And what if the distress belongs to everyone but her?

Everything You Do Is Wrong is a compelling exploration of how this enigma sets a family’s good and bad intentions crashing into each other, with unforgettable consequences.




A nice enough read, but not what I expected  3startr

This was a nice enough read, but I wanted more. I’m not quite certain if that was down to me, but I thought the blurb was slightly misleading.

This story, to me, was about an extended family with a few dysfunctional members. The missing girl didn’t really impact on me at all in that I could have seen all the family events having taken place without the discovery of the body.

I enjoyed this novel – but not as much as I expected to. If this has been a tv drama, my other half would have turned to me at the end and said ‘and that’s it??’. I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. If it has been listed as a family drama my satisfaction level would have been much higher.

Amanda Coe does a good job as a writer, I have no complaints there. I would just like a more open synopsis so I knew what to expect.

I received an arc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.

Tags: family drama




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