The Lido Girls by Allie Burns


Change is in the air…

It’s the summer of 1935 and holidaymakers are flocking71IuKkgEl-L._UX250_ to St Darlstone’s magnificent lido beside the sea!

With little hope of finding a husband, no-nonsense Natalie lives for teaching, until she finds herself out of a job courtesy of her best friend Delphi. But if she can team up with Delphi to bring her rigorous physical fitness programme to the people of St Darlstone, maybe there’s a chance she can start again and help her friend to follow her dreams too?

So Natalie takes on the Lido Girls. But, with Delphi’s handsome brother, Jack, on the scene, and Delphi’s desperate struggle to defy her overbearing parents, Natalie must find the courage to face up to her own fears, and realise what she truly wants in life…

Set against the backdrop of the pioneering keep fit movement; this is a feel-good celebration of friendship and what’s possible when you follow your heart.




Well written .. but does tend to lose it’s way.  3startr

Set between the wars, this novel has it’s roots firmly planted in historical accuracy, and is a good reminder of a lost generation of men and the women left at home with very little hopes of ever marrying. Thus began the revolution of women making a life for themselves and showing they were capable of sole support.

Natalie and Delphi have been friends since school and are both now in their mid-thirties. We follow them through their ups and downs as they seek their niche in life. One with an overbearing family and one with very little in the way of family, it’s not a straightforward situation.

This  is a well written novel but, for me, it did tend to rather lose it’s way. The doubts in Nat’s mind came and went just a little too often and I found myself feeling quite ambivalent about where the story was going. Having said that, as a debut novel it rates higher than some and is a pleasant enough read.

My thanks to publishers HQ Digital for permitting me to read an arc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest, original and unbiased review.




This is Allie Burns’ debut novel

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