Scorpion Rising by Mick Bose



Hell hath no fury like an assassin
Her name is spoken in whispers. She kills in silence, with the sting of a needle. Her name? Scorpion.
But she was betrayed, and left for dead.
Now she wants revenge. And no one is going to stand in her way. Apart from one man. Dan Roy, a betrayed assassin himself. The only man who once caught a glimpse of her face. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and Dan is about to find out why.
Two ruthless killers hunt for each other, and sparks fly when they meet, but the truth evades their grasp. A political nightmare revolves around an influential US Congressman, and the stakes are higher than ever before.
You will keep turning the pages of this spell binding thriller, a heart pounding journey that takes you from secret jails in Russia, to the blue waters of the Bosporus, and deep inside the power corridors of Capitol Hill.
Get it now.
Just don’t start it late at night.




Get your mind in top gear for this fast-paced, exciting thriller! 5startr

Dan Roy thrillers are not the type of books which you settle into like a comfy pair of slippers. Rather they keep you on the edge of your seat with your mind alert and – dare I say – regular glances over your shoulder!

We find Dan in a new location and I love all the information about the local culture – the buildings, the people, the food. He doesn’t seem able to escape entirely from his black-ops past and again gets involved in some serious combat situations, and I know if I was part of anything like that I’d want him on my side! Scorpion Rising is a fine addition to the Mick Bose stable. As with previous novels, our protagonist has moved on from his last adventure and we find him with a new adversary, The Scorpion. She is a deadly opponent and hasn’t forgotten their last meeting. Nor, it turns out, has Mr Roy. But is there a darker secret lurking? Read the book and find out!

All in all, this is a thrilling read. Just when you think you know what to expect, the author throws a curve ball! It definitely keeps the reader on their toes and, as with all my favourite books, sews up the current storyline tightly whilst leading, hopefully, to the next one. Brilliant.

I received an arc of this novel from the author in exchange for my original, honest and unbiased review.

Tags: thriller, espionage, gritty




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