Miss Seeton Quilts the Village



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It’s practically a Royal Marriage! The highly eligible son of Miss Seeton’s old friends Sir George and Lady Colveden has wed the daughter of a French count.

Miss Seeton lends her talents to the village scheme to create a quilted ‘Bayeux Tapestry’ of local history, inspired by the wedding. But her intuitive sketches reveal a startlingly different perspective – involving buried Nazi secrets, and links to the mysterious death of a diplomat and to a South American dictator . . .

Serene amidst every kind of skulduggery, this eccentric English spinster steps in where Scotland Yard stumbles, armed with nothing more than her sketchpad and umbrella!




Exciting, well-plotted and tremendously appealing!  5startr

This is the second book I’ve devoured in this series, and it’s every bit as good as the first. Miss Seeton is fast becoming one of my favourite series characters.

A completely different kind of mystery baffles the police this time round and they can’t make head nor tail of it. What is going on in Plummergen, that hot bed of gossip and rumour? What is true and what is fact? And what is pure conjecture – because let’s face it, left to the gossips untruths abound!

Hamilton Crane excels at writing with an easy style which lulls the reader into a false sense of security, but never let your attention wander as the small details all count and, until you read the final page, you cannot discount any words on the page – or screen. It’s all down to the ‘little grey cells’, to borrow some words from the renowned detective, Hercule Poirot.

Exciting, well-plotted and quite plausible – even though, at times, the reader doubts that very much – this is a very entertaining read and is tremendously appealing to the mystery lover. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to all such readers and look forward to more novels in this charming series.

I received an arc from NetGalley in exchange for my original, honest and unbiased review.

Tags: cozy mystery, female sleuth, psychic, village




Also by Sarah J Mason as ‘Hamilton Crane’

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