Out Now – September




Starting off this month with a bang! 1 September S D Monaghan’s debut thriller ‘The Accident’ is published today at the bargain price of 99p .. check out my review here


3 September: Currently on offer at only 99p is Liz Mistry’s Unquiet Souls, 150443629515902.jpegfirst in a series of three – and ALL of them are offered at this low price at the moment! With fab reviews, don’t miss out!  http://amzn.eu/2O4TC2O


Also today, some really good reads with low prices.150443629515902

“a writer of compelling insight, with a gritty yet humorous edge”

The Secrets of Married Women by Carol Mason, £1.00 here


Also £1.00, Until I Met Her, first in the thrilling Emma Fern series uimhby Natalie Barelli  “I found this book more and more chilling as I read further into it”.  Available here


hltKeeping with the £1.00 bargains, this thriller by Adam Croft has very decent reviews, “ absolutely brilliant. I could hardly put it down once I started reading it“. Find it here


If you’re still counting the pennies after the school holidays, bfthen this one is FREE today, tagged as ‘A Psychological Thriller Unlike Anything You’ve Read Before!’ Little Boy Found has prompted one reviewer to say ‘Wow, just wow’. Click here  if you fancy adding it to your tbr list.

4 September  Starting off with a couple of romantic reads at only 99p each: brd The Magnolia Girls by Helen J Rolfe, third in Magnolia Creek series,  is available to pre-order for 12 September (left).  aug7Autumn at the Cosy Cottage Cafe (right) by Rachel Griffiths is the second book in a lovely warm series and is out now. You can read what I thought of this one here


At only £1.00, there is Trail of Broken Wings by Sejal Badani, which, judging by the reviews,  is quite some read involving domestic violence and whether you love it or not, it seems to evoke a lot of feeling.


75bThere are also two books FREE today – the first, The Ares Virus 75ais a thriller, and the first in the Rob Stone series.   Or, if you prefer chick-lit, then Beth Good’s The Cornish Colouring Book Club is also up for grabs today.


shadow5 September Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer is available today for only £1.19 and is a cracking book, first read a number of years ago and twice since .. I cannot recommend it highly enough – don’t let your opinion of the author stand in the way of enjoying such a stunning read!


Described as ‘an absorbing and enriching read’ The Dark Isle 150461875281904by Clare Carson is 99p today. Second in the Sam Coyle trilogy with the first also at the same price today, and the final novel currently £3.99.


shAt 99p, Good as Gone by Amy Gentry has the tag line ‘a dark and gripping thriller with a shocking twist and is reviewed as ‘A First-class Thriller’ so promises to be one you can really get your teeth into!


For those who prefer a scarier read (and I know several shadwho do – you know who you are), ‘if you like suspense and very strange cult like thing’s you would like this story’ should appeal to you! Stolen Prophet by award winning author Julian M. Coleman is FREE today.


aug96 September Publication Day for Alice Castle with Death in Dulwich which is only 99p – and trust me, it is worth way more! Not only does Alice write a well plotted mystery, there are no repetitions of phrases as the vocabulary used is a real joy to read .. you can catch up with my review here


b4A couple of grittier reads are among today’s FREE books: first b3up, Cup of Evil by E. Groat with lots of ‘twists, turns and surprises. Following on is more of a horror read in A. I. Nasser’s Kurtain Motel which is ‘scary and mysterious’ but perhaps better given a miss by any arachnophobes in the reading world!

b1At only 99p each, these two thrillers both have excellent b2reviews. The Boneyard by Mark Sennen is a police procedual set on Dartmoor which will appeal to fans of Mark Billingham, whilst Linda Huber’s Chosen Child is a psychological suspense described as ‘chilling’.

17 September Beginning with two cracking thrillers, both 99p.6 Firstly, I Know My Name is a psychological suspense by C. J. Cooke, followed by Helen Fields’ Perfect Prey the follow-on novel from Perfect Remains, currently at the same price.


3If you fancy more of a mystery read then Gwen Parrott has a 5WWII murder mystery on offer today at 99p, with great reviews. Dead White is the first in the Della Arthur series. Also 99p is the very recent release of Summer at Coastguard Cottages by Jennifer Bohnet.

4Finally – for today – a couple of FREE reads. For the chick-lit 2lovers, Fearless Flying by Karen Gordon is the first of seven books in the Vivienne series. If you prefer a true story, then perhaps Love by Deception by K. C. Barnard will fit the bill – but be warned, this is a harrowing tale of domestic violence and abuse.

8 September

14.99Available at the moment for only £1.99 (normally £14.99) this thriller has generated excellent reviews; The Boy Who Saw by Simon Toyne is second in series.


fr1Also a sequel, The Terminate Code by Kevin Bradley has terrific reviews as does the first book. This one is FREE

Second FREE book today is J. F. Kirwan‘s fr266 Metres ‘a chilling thriller which will keep you on the edge of your seat’


992Finally, a couple of great reads for 99p each: 991The Woman at No. 24 is a standalone book by Juliet Ashton, ‘fresh, fun and utterly fabulous’ whilst Everything We Left Behind completes Kerry Lonsdale‘s trilogy.

15 September After being missing for a few days due to illness, let’s get things rolling       again!

3.98First up today is a brand new release, seventh book in this police procedural crime series .. Heads or Tails by Damien Boyd already has top reviews despite only being published yesterday. Currently £3.98.


If you enjoy a good wartime read, this one is described as ‘gripping and meticulous’. First of seven in series, Then We Take Berlin promises to be a credit to the author John Lawton.

993If you fancy a feel-good, fun novel then The Not So Perfect Mum by Kerry Fisher may be just the one for you. Alternatively, Robert Bryndza novels were recently992 recommended to me by another author and you can download The Night Stalker, second instalment in the Erika Foster series for the same price as the other books in this section – all three are currently 99p each.

free2If you’re looking for a good read being offered for FREE thenfree1 perhaps these two may fit the bill? Joint Judgement is Wendy Cartmell‘s third book in the Emma Harrison series, whilst Aaron Stander‘s Murder in the Merlot is book eight in his Ray Elkins series.

16 September

3.99Starting off with one for those who prefer a chilling, scarier read, The Limehouse Golem by Peter Ackroyd is being made into movie and will be released this year starring Bill Nighy, Douglas Booth and Olivia Cooke. Currently £3.99 for the paperback version, it promises to be “mesmerising, macabre and totally brilliant”.

At only 99p, The Death’s Head Chess Club is a tale with it’s origins in 991Auschwitz during WWII, and has earned author John Donoghue excellent reviews.

993Also 99p, Lucy Dawson‘s Everything You Told Me is described as ‘a gripping read with an intriguing and unsettling mystery at its heart’


Three FREE choices today, beginning withfree2 The Phase Transition, the first in the Rise of the Gray Order series by Ryan Okerlund.

free1Next up is a mix of horror and science fiction by K. R. Griffiths with the sequel novella also FREE, Panic is the first in a series of six.

Finally, Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things by free 3Martina McAtee is the first of two supernatural tales described as ‘spectacular’.


17 September 99.1Louise Phillips is the award-winning Irish author of the Kate Pearson, criminal psychologist, novels. The Doll’s House 99.2second and Last Kiss third in series are both on offer at the low price of 99p each and have terrific reviews describing them as ‘gripping’ and ‘a cracker of a read’.

99.3The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation and99.4 The Major’s Faux Fiancee – books 1 and 4 respectively in Erica Ridley‘s Dukes of War Regency Romance series are both FREE and offer witty dialogue and an emotional read.

free.1Do you enjoy crime thrillers, all the better if they are FREE? There are a couple of great ones today, beginning with Candles and Roses, first book in Alex Walters‘ DI Alec McKay series, involving a serial killer. (The second on series is currently on offer at 99p). Also FREE free.2– and with solid 5* reviews – is Nerve Damage, a chilling psychological thriller by J. L. Myers.


18 September




No Conscience                          The Mockingbird Drive              Picture Miss Seeton




Keeping My Sisters’ Secrets  Orange Blossom Days                   The Twilight Child




98p Post Mortem                    £1.91 The Lonely City                   £1.99 I am Missing

19 September



Morna’s Spell                                   Chances                                              Perennials



Trust Me                            Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay               Written in Blood



Friend Request                               Terminus                                   Untainted Blood

20 September


free1                                            free2                                   free3

The Mother-in-Law                                 Made For Me                            The Suicide Plan


991                                            992                                    993

Arandora Star                                     The Fourth Friend                           Never Let You Go


1.99a                                            1.99b                                      1.99c

The Good Sister                               Beneath a Burning Sky               NEW! Cold Blood

21 September


free1                                            free2                                       free3

Dark Paradise                                   Bad Things Happen                                 Beast


991                                            992                                       993

Reconstructing Amelia                    Fuelling the Fire         The Girls of Mulberry Lane


1.99a                                            1.99b                                        1.99c

One of Us is Lying                                 Two Bare Arms                                  Locked Up

22 September


free1                                            free2                                         free3

You Love Me at My Darkest     The Case of the Fallen Hero                    Dead Romantic

981                                            991                                          993

98p Genuine Fraud                               99p The Ritual                                    99p Lost Child

£1.09                                            £1.15                                          £2.00

£1.09 The End of Hope Street/ £1.15 When a Red Light Shines/ £2.00 The Art of Hiding

23 September


freea                                           freeb                                           freecBeyond Grace’s Rainbow                     Hard Candy                            The Percentages Men


991                                            992                                          993Windows of Time Boxset        The Dressmaker of Dachau                     The Art of Fear


1.99                                            £1.99.2                                          1.99.3 Standard Deviation                                Strategy                       A Mother’s Confession

24 September


free1                                           free2                                       free3

The Killing Curse                                  A Rake of Leaves                               Tainted


991                                          992                                      993

Frozen Solid                             The Big Dreams Beach Hotel                  A Fragile Thing


1.00a                                          £1.99b                                    1.99c

£1.00                                                     £1.99                                                       £1.99

Beneath a Scarlet Sky                      Stolen                               The Kindred Killers

25 September


free1                                          free2                                          free3

Speak Swahili, Dammit!               Englishwoman in Paris                                Boone

981                                             992                                         993

   98p                                                                 99p                                                       99p

Hope to Die                                       The Constant Princess                                 Missing

£1.49                                             1.99b                                        £1.99c          £1.49                                                                   £1.99                                                    £1.99

The Secrets Between Sisters  Diary of a Provincial Lesbian    This Much is True

26 September


free.1                                          free.2                                      free.3

Calm Before the Storm          Pasta Pinot & Murder                               Swept Away


991                                         992                                      993

Things We Never Said                The Night Stalker                            Monsoon Summer

£1.24.1.jpg                                        £1.99.2                                      £1.99.3.jpg

  £1.24                                                     £1.99                                                      £1.99

The Dog Walker                             Pay the Penance                           Red is the Colour

27 September


free.1                                         free.2                                      free.3

Blood Will Be Born                       It Happened At 51                            The Desert Run


991                                         992                                      993

The Girl Who Came Back               Broken Grace                               Never Let You Go


£1.99.1                                         £1.99.2                                     £1.99.3

Calling Major Tom                     Degrees of Darkness                             Stormcock

29 September 2017


freec                                         freeb                                      freea

Blind Run                                                 Fender                                          Mystery Box Set


991                                         992                                       993

Written in Blood                             Mr Make Believe                            The Missing Girls


£1.98                                         £1.992                                     £1.993

For Your Own Protection                      Blink                                           Deadly Friendship

30 September


free.1                                           free.2                                   free.3

Smooth                                         The Reckless Years        Doves and Thunder Gods


99a                                            99b                                     99c

The Unseeing                                 Secret of the Sands                                    Shadows

2.38                                            2.39                                   3.99

£2.38                                                          £2.39                                                £3.99

This Really Happened                      A Sea of Straw                                    The Dry







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