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ajpSometimes, life needs a rewrite…

Author Grace Waterhouse has hit rock bottom. Her ex-husband has just had a baby with his new partner and her latest novel is… well, the less said the better.

Desperate for distraction, Grace impulsively takes on a friend’s cleaning job, parachuting herself into a new social circle including an eccentric OAP, a heartbroken twenty-something and one James Brooke, an enigmatic lawyer with an unblinking stare.

Add to this mix an anxious literary agent, a hairdresser who doesn’t mince words and a newly repentant ex-husband, and Grace’s career break proves to be more breathless than breather.

They say that all you need is love – but what if that’s the one thing you haven’t got?




Really Funny and flows so well!   5startr

This is so funny! I’m always in awe of authors who can put words down on paper which make the reader giggle with the mental image it conjures up, and Jo Platt has it nailed!

Grace Waterhouse, one-time successful author seems to have lost the magic following her divorce and – understandably, ask any woman who has been cheated on – tends to favour bitter characters dreaming of recriminations. So a break from writing is a must. How to fill her time? That’s soon sorted thanks to Rose, her cleaner. She has some great clients and, along with Grace’s friends, the author has created some absolutely fabulous characters for this rom-com. The details are so well-defined that there is no problem in imagining them clearly. We follow Grace through a catalogue of disasters and misunderstandings, each funnier than the last with embarrassing moments abounding.

I adored this one from start to finish. It’s my first novel by this author, but it won’t be the last – I just couldn’t read enough, it was such a mood-lifter. This is the kind of book which leaves you grinning like an idiot when you recall the hilarious moments – and there are many. If you enjoy a good, funny read with an entertaining story line and easy, polished writing then I would most definitely recommend this one to you.

I received an arc via NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. My thanks to publisher Canelo.

Tags: chick-lit, fun, romance



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