The Little Terrace of Friendships by Ian Wilfred



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7l8UadcQun3fMaggie Hosking is in her early sixties, and she lived in Devon with a husband who never worked and took her for granted. But now Maggie is going to have an adventure of a lifetime taking her to London, New York and Martha’s Vineyard.

All her working life Maggie has been a cleaner in hotels and private homes. Maggie cleaned for actress Helen Heacham’s parents until their deaths, when Helen moved Maggie up to London to take care of her home. Helen lives in a beautiful terrace in Kensington along with famous and not so famous neighbours. Actors, writers, models and businessmen; they all seem to need a cleaner and that’s when Maggie’s adventure starts.

It’s not just Maggie’s life that’s changing but big things are happening for the other residents in the terrace; success, romance and fraud, but most of all friendship.


Very Entertaining!    5startr

This is a great wee read! It’s like a delightful soap opera in print, and would transfer really well to the small screen.

The terrace has inhabitants from all walks of life with the common denominator of Maggie, the cleaner who ‘does’ for everyone, and who most definitely has a twinkle in her eye. There is no hierarchy, everyone is on a level footing regardless of their position in life. Written in diary form, this book leads us through the comings and goings of all residents, and very entertaining they are too.

This is exactly what I expected when I began reading .. a good gossipy story with lots of smiles, laughs and plenty of giggles. Ian Wilfred writes flowingly and it’s so easy just to read ‘a bit more’ than you intended. A novel thoroughly savoured and recommended to anyone who would enjoy an easy, well written tale. Absolutely an author I want to read more of.

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